Manchester, my heart goes out to you. The fact that someone had enough hate in their heart to carry out such an attack should be unfathomable, but unfortunately, it’s not. We’ve seen attacks like this before, we’ve even seen attacks worse than this. All of these young people and adults went to this concert filled with excitement and joy to see someone that they look up to perform live, but their night ended in tragedy due to people fueled solely by hatred. The world needs love. When tragedies like this occur, faith in humanity can either be lost or found. At first, I thought about how screwed up the world is, but then, I saw the outpouring of love and support that people were giving to Manchester and the victims. There is unadulterated hate in this world, but ultimately, there is more love than hate. This world is filled with warmth and love, we all need to show it more often. It shouldn’t take a tragedy for all of the love the world has to be shown. I send all of my love to the victims, families and friends of victims, and Ariana. I will also say that even though people idolize Ariana, they still need to realize that she is still human. She has the right to grieve however she needs to. She loves her fans, there is no way to know what she’s feeling right now. Give her space, let her grieve. I truly hope that one day the world will be free from all of this hatred and that nothing like this will ever happen again.

“I guess you don’t know what you got til it’s gone, Pain is just a consequence of love, I’m saying sorry for the sake of us.” From My Everything, by Ariana Grande.


Leslie Jones.

Leslie Jones: comedian, actress, writer.
Leslie Jones recently made it onto the Time’s 100 list of most influential people of 2017. She is so deserving of this, she’s worked hard her whole life to get to where she is now and she inspires many. She’s ridiculously talented. But, of course, in the case of Leslie Jones, there seems to always be a cloud of nay-sayers constantly floating above her head. Most people would get frustrated and give up when all they constantly feel is rain pouring on their shoulders and thunder continually booming in their ears; not Leslie, she just opens up her umbrella and focuses on sunshine surrounding her. The backlash Leslie faced for her role in Ghostbusters was ludicrous and so very unnecessary. The racism, misogyny, and pure hatred that was sent to her was appalling. The hate has slowed, but every time Leslie does something big, they crawl out of the sewers and attack. Luckily, Leslie doesn’t take shit from anyone. When it was announced that she was in the Time’s 100, the haters came out. They accused her of obstructing free speech for getting racists banned from twitter, they said she was only on the list because Time needed to meet a quota, they said many horrible things. They neglected to see her many accomplishments because they were too busy hating her. People are intimidated by strong women like her. Leslie has more fans than she has haters, that’s a fact. Leslie Jones is deserving of every good thing in this world, she deserves endless happiness, and she deserves nothing but love. She never fails to inspire me. She’s honest and she’s authentically herself, Russell Crowe said: “Yes, it was Leslie Jones who drew me close to Leslie Jones.” People fall in love with Leslie’s comedy and acting, but are most inspired by the lovely human herself. Leslie has been in Jamaica recently and she looks to be so genuinely happy and it brings the brightest smile to my face to see that. When I think of strength, Leslie Jones is one of the first names that comes to mind. She remained strong when the world tried to bring her down. I aspire to reach Leslie’s level of strength. But, not only is she strong, she’s also thoughtful, beautiful, hilarious, and original. She is Leslie Jones. There is no one like Leslie Jones. She deserved her spot on the Time 100 and she deserves all the future awards that I’m sure will be coming her away. She has already achieved so much, but I know in the future she’s going to reach even higher. Leslie Jones, I love you.